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2007 VIP TOUR - Thornbury Castle Hotel (Days 1, 2 & 3)
Click on individual photos to see enlarged version with descriptive caption
  Historic downtown Thornbury  
  Thornbury Castle, built  1511, now the UK's only Tudor castle that is a luxury hotel  
  View of Thornbury  Castle from adjacent church  
  Sign at entrance  to historic Thornbury Castle at Carriage House  
  Drive leading to  Carriage House at Castle entrance  
  Another view of  Carriage House  
  Side view of  Carriage House  
  Side view of  Carriage House  
  View of Thornbury  Castle from Privy Garden  
  Top of castle  viewed from St. Mary's Parish  
  Helicopter landing on  Castle lawn  
  Front drive into  Thornbury Castle  
  Close-up of arrow  slit windows from exterior of castle  
  Entrance into inner  courtyard  
  View of inner  courtyard  
  Another view from  inner courtyard  
  Famous Thornbury Castle  chimney with intricate brickwork  
  Castle turret and  chimneys through ruins  
  Another view of  castle tower through ruins  
  Castle vineyard used in making the Castle's own private-labelled wine  
  Original entrance to Thornbury Castle behind vineyard  
  Close view of original Castle entrance and walls behind vineyard  
  Sikorsky helicopter on lawn by vineyard  
  Old walls behind castle  
  Another view of old walls of Castle property  
  Banquet set-up for group's welcome dinner  
  The banquet room has secret panels and hiding places (revealed by waiter during dinner)  
  View out of banquet hall window  
  Library lounge serving High Tea and cocktails daily  
  Another view of Library lounge with multiple seating areas  
  High Tea set-up in Library  
  Tudor Hall banquet hall fireplace  
  View of Castle courtyard from bed chamber  
  Stafford Bed Chamber with warming fireplace  
  Duke's Bed Chamber where Henry VIIIth and Ann Bolyen slept  
  Historic keys open all of the bed chambers  
  Lovely draped bed with chandelier in De Claire Bed Chamber  
  View of exotic plumes atop canopied bed in De Claire Bed Chamber  
  View of bed with chandelier in De Claire bed chamber  
  Duke's Robe Bed Chamber  
  Fireplace in Duke's Robe Bed Chamber  
  Secret door with cross handle in Duke's Robe Bed Chamber  
  Arrow slit window in Tudor Bed Chamber  
  Costumed period  
  Murder Mystery actor troupe with costumed guests  
  Court jester  
  The King (guest) playing with fire  
  Close-up of  
  Court jester greeting the King and loyal subjects (costumed guests)  
  Jester announcing arrival of young Prince (guest)  
  Peet the Fool kissing hand of beautiful damsel (guest)  
  Loyal subjects (costumed guests)  
  A royal coupling (guests) enjoying dinner  
  Damsel with Queen and King (costumed guests)  
  Noble man with Queen and King (guests)  
  The Queen with hand maiden (guests)  
  Damsel with Knight (guest and wax figure in suit of armor)  
  Princess and Damsel with Knight  
  Jester entertaining on stilts during cocktail reception  
  Damsel with (live) Knight in shining armor (guests)  
  Damsel and young prince (guests)  
  Team Building joust (Tour Option.  Not included in 2007 summer tour)  
  Ballooning (Tour Option)  
  Enjoy a game of croquet on the Castle lawn (Optional Activity)  
  Archery can also be enjoyed on the Castle grounds (Optional Activity)  
  Thornbury Castle offers Clay Shooting and lessons on or off property  
  The city of Bath with its historic ancient Roman thermal baths makes for a great day trip  
  The ancient Roman baths are fascinating to tour  
  Colored lights combine with therapeutic steam & aromas  
  Glastonbury Abbey ruins make for another Day Trip (Tour Option)  
  Sign on burial plot of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere  
  The ancient rock formations of Stonehenge (Optional Tour)  
  Cardiff, the capital of  Wales, and its many indoor markets, are within easy reach  
  The Dyrham Deer Park (Optional Tour)  
  View of historic St. Mary's church next to Castle  
  View of historic church next to Castle  
  Another view inside historic church  
  Tower of adjacent churchSt. Mary's  
  Church tower looking up  
  Another view inside historic church  
  Inside of historic church  
  Stained glass in historic church  
  Close-up of stained glass in historic church  
  View of church yard with old headstones  
  Crypts and headstones in St. Mary's church yard  
  Old headstones leaning against church wall  
  View of cemetary on grounds of St. Mary's church  
  Two very old headstones in St. Mary's church yard  
  Very old headstone in St. Mary's church yard  
  Old cross headstone covered with ivy  
  Dear in the countryside  

Note:  Some of the photographs on this page were snapped by individuals who visited the same destinations but were not part of our 2007 Summer VIP Tour. 
Where a note appears following a caption stating (Tour Option) or (Activity Option), this option was available but not elected for this tour.